Every other Monday Colten and I try to go out fishing to different spots. Today we decided to hit up the Colorado River. The section we went to was at the Pumphouse Campground which is just south of Kremmling. I had never been there before but Colton had some good pools he had fished there before that he wanted to take me to. The flow was sitting pretty good at around 400-500cfs and it was warm and sunny. If you park at the north boat launch and walk up stream, it puts you in some good spots to fish. We weren’t walking long before we saw some fish rising to the surface and striking some bugs on top. Colten tied on a mayfly and within a few casts he got a strike which I got on film. He landed himself a decent Brown on that one.

After that we moved up to Colten’s first spot where there was a nice deep slower moving pool with a lot of water to cover. I was running a split shot with a Pat’s Rubber Leg down to a Hair’s Ear for my rig. Colten had the same setup but was using his hand tied Frenchie for the bottom fly. He started to work the upper section of water and I was fishing the lower section. Again, within a few casts we both had landed more beautiful Browns. We worked that section some more and we both hooked up with another set of fish but they popped off before landing them. The one I had on definitely would have been the biggest fish to date for me so when he came off, I was so bummed. But hey, it’s always a good day when you’re out on the water. I later landed a good size Mountain Whitefish off the Hair’s Ear. They aren’t the coolest looking things but they are always fun to land.

After working that section with some luck, I decided to move up stream another hundred yards or so to this section with some good foam flow. I’m sure you’ve heard, “foam is home.” I was still running the same rig since I was having good luck with it. First cast out I managed to land me another little Brownie off the Pat’s Rubber Legs. After that I lost another big boy on the line. We seemed to be having a pretty good morning on the Colorado. So, we took a lunch break.

After lunch the weather was pretty hot and we noticed a big hatch of stone flies. There were a lot of their exo-skeletons in bushes and rocks around the water. I had never been on the water during a hatch so it was pretty cool to see all of them flying around. Colten also flipped a rock over and there was a big nymph on the bottom of one. We switched our flies up to match the hatch and surprisingly neither of us caught a fish all afternoon of fishing. We weren’t there for much longer but we definitely had a good day overall of fishing.