If you are serious about predator calling then I am sure you have heard the name FOXPRO. That is for good reason. FOXPRO is tip of the spear when it comes to game calls whether it’s handheld or electronic. All my life I have grown up doing a lot of predator calling with my dad. We started off using just hand calls, then came the tape recorded, big heavy electronic callers, with a big hard-wired speaker that only reached out a few feet. As I got older and started doing more predator calling on my own, I knew I had to find myself a reliable, up to date electronic caller. After doing some research I was seeing nothing but good reviews about FOXPRO electronic game calls.  

After looking at all of their callers (which there is a lot to choose from) I decided to go with the FOXPRO CROSSFIRE. The reason I chose the CROSSFIRE was that it had all the options I was looking for: Light weight, loud, remote controlled, accepts aux to run a decoy off the same remote, the list goes on and on. The reason why these options are important to me is because I mainly predator call with my bow. Having the option for an auxiliary decoy controlled by the same remote is a must for bow hunting coyotes by yourself which I will discuss more about in a future post.  

This little caller packs a big loud punch which is perfect for the big open fields anywhere you are hunting. If for whatever reason you want to go louder, this CROSSFIRE allows you to connect two external speakers for incredible volume capabilities. The remote is very user friendly and the buttons are easy to push even with a light weight glove on. What I also really like about the CROSSFIRE is that it comes with 75 high quality FOXPRO sounds and can hold and up to 500 sounds. This thing is just jam packed with many features, another of which is storing and playing up to 10 custom presets and sequences which I use every time I go out. The CROSSFIRE also features the option for the use of its dual speaker system delivering a much deeper realistic sound.  

I can go on an on about all of these features this thing has but what you really need to do is go check out their website at gofoxpro.com and see all the products they offer. I promise you that FOXPRO has what you are looking for. Thank you and good luck on all your hunts!