For the last 2 archery seasons I’ve been trying my luck using the heads up decoy.  Overall the design and product are great.  The mounting bracket mounts securely to my riser via my bows stabilizer bolt.  The plastic posts, the decoy material and image quality of the buck are all top notch.  The only problem is the damn thing hasn’t worked for me as of yet.  The property I hunt is wide open with very little in the way of cover which makes it pretty much impossible for spot and stalk.  There is ample water which makes sitting in a ground blind unsuccessful so the heads up decoy has been my go-to when I run out of cover and need to get closer.  I’ve tried probably a dozen or so stalks using the decoy and can consistently get to within 100 yards of any buck but break that barrier and the bucks have all displayed the same reaction.  They bleet at me and slowly work further away from me.  The only thing I can think of is that maybe the buck used in the heads up decoy is possibly too big/imposing to other bucks… I mean it’s definitely a “shooter”.  Maybe if the heads up was a doe or an adolescent, other bucks would feel more comfortable investigating.  The archery season is too early so seeing bucks running off other bucks is pretty much non-existent through August and September.  My only hope is one of these times I finally get a buck thats a little too curious for his own good.