Woobie  Brothers Apparel hoodies are built from the famous military poncho liner. Originally fielded in Vietnam to special forces soldiers, it was quickly adapted to regular Army units shortly thereafter. The poncho liner was nicknamed “The Woobie” sometime during the 1980’s because it was said that you “woobie” cold without it. From my experience, that statement is true.

For those who served, the poncho liner AKA “The Woobie”, is held in high regard. Easily packable, light, and useful for many applications, many service members will opt to keep their Woobie upon discharge. During my time in the Marine Coprs, the Supply MOS was taken over by civilians. This was because the Marine Corps was losing too much money because stubborn Marines weren’t returning their Woobies… Just kidding, but Supply was really taken over by civilians because of missing gear.. I can not speak to any of that. I of course returned all of my gear… 😉

The awesome thing about Woobie Brothers Apparel (WBA), is that for each item sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to helping homeless veterans. I don’t know about you, but I think we definitely owe a lot to our older generation of Veterans especially the homeless. Those son’s of bitches were, and still are hard chargers. Go check out WBA for some awesome gear, and to help those in need.